5 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

5 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

For the most part, every channel on YouTube hopes to monetize its channel. What might not be common knowledge is that there are multiple ways to monetize their content.

Here are ways you can monetize your YouTube Channel:

1. Google Ad Sense/ Ads

Let’s get the first obvious option out of the way first. In simple words, in exchange for YouTube showing ads on your videos, you get paid.

As to how much you get paid, it varies a lot. Some factors that would make a difference are your channel demographics, video topics, length, etc.

Other than that, to be eligible for monetizing your YouTube channel with ads, you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

This article will help you learn everything about Ad sense on YouTube.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel
Monetize Your YouTube Channel

2. Merchandise

Merchandise can be a serious source of revenue for YouTube channels. Channels like Logan Paul have created million-dollar clothing brands on YouTube. Another example would be Elliot Choy; he made 6 figures in 6 hours when he launched his merch.

I hope that resolves all your doubts regarding whether selling Merchandise would be worth it or not.

People often forget that Merchandise doesn’t have to be just clothes; it can be anything that you can ship to your fans. Some examples would be pins, stickers, posters, etc.

You can drop ship many of these products with services like Teespring, Reddbubble, Printify and more to make things easier.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively slower game. This won’t be anything significant overnight but will build to something incredible over the years.

Now, it’s necessary to know that at this point, anything available to buy on the internet has an affiliate program, whether it be services or physical products.

Services like Epidemic Music, Skillshare, and more have an affiliate program.

The most popular affiliate program is that of Amazon. The large variety of products available and the trust of customers are common in other programs.

Be patient and do your thing; add affiliate links in your description and watch it build up!

Monetize Your YouTube Channel with Affiliate Marketing
Monetize Your YouTube Channel with Affiliate Marketing

4. Launch a Course!

Yeah, a course!

If you have something to teach, then now is the time to share that with the world.

But, you might think, why build a course when what I want to share is available is on the internet for free?

The answer is simple, convenience!

The success of paid platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, etc., shows that people are willing to pay for a structured, undisturbed learning experience.

So, no more excuses, share your knowledge with the world!

5. Sponsorships

This is big stuff!

Sponsorships are often compared to ad revenue because they can turn into recurring monthly revenue if you have different sponsorships lined up over the months.

The difference is, Sponsorships are much lucrative compared to ad revenues.

As to how they work, in simple terms, companies reach out to you when they want you to promote their product, and you get paid to do so.

We regularly do sponsorships on our channel; you can expect an article soon covering all elements of a sponsorship deal.


These are some ways you can monetize your YouTube Channel, and we hope it helps you! Keep creating!

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