Quality vs Quantity - What's better for a YouTube Channel?

Quality vs Quantity – What’s better for a YouTube Channel?

Quality vs Quantity is a question that is pretty difficult to answer because arguments can be made in favour of both sides.

For example, a channel like PewDiePie uploads every day, whereas a channel Kurzgesagt don’t upload that often, but both these channels enjoy a lot of success on the platform.

The fun part, on Kurzgesagt’s channel banner, it actually says Quality > Quantity, haha.

Quality vs Quanity, kurzgesagt YouTube banner
Quality vs Quanity, kurzgesagt YouTube banner

On the other hand, we upload once a week on our channels as we think for us at the moment, this is the best schedule to deliver the best Quality on.

Let’s analyze what’s best for you, as we don’t think it’s one way or the other.

Are you just starting?

This is a big question.

If you are just starting to think about it, why should YouTube even push your videos if nothing pushes that traffic towards?

There are thousands if not millions of channels that have more videos than you; their audience has the option to continue watching them, your audience doesn’t.

But, this doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. There are plenty of channels whose growth doesn’t follow any logic whatsoever.

But, this isn’t the case in most cases.

The other point is that you are probably not going even to like your first few videos.

We know it’s a bold statement, but it makes sense.

When you actually start creating, you as a creator are going to evolve as a creator. Things you thought would work, didn’t and vice versa. You are going to realize your mistakes, and that’s FINE!

It’s OK to make mistakes.

When you create a lot, you experiment a lot. You will learn more, experience more, and that will continue until you find your way.

What is your niche?

Your niche is everything. (in most cases, at least 😉

In most cases, it’s way easier for a gaming channel to create content than for a travel channel.

It’s way easier to publish gaming videos than travel videos, and that’s what the audience has come to expect.

You are always welcome to break the norm, but this is the current scenario.

If you make a video essay about an important topic, it will take a lot of time to research, organize, create, check and publish.

So, things change from niche to niche. Determine what works for your niche, and then once you start publishing, do what works for you.

Pick Your Niche, Quality Vs Quantity
Pick Your Niche

So, What’s the Verdict?

It’s a TIE. There is no clear winner in the debate of Quality Vs Quantity

There’s no right or wrong answer here. As mentioned above, there are plenty of examples that support both arguments.

If you have to consider anything, consider yourself.

You have decided to put in the work, but can you keep doing that for years to come? Suddenly, the dynamics of this question change. Whatever the answer, if you can’t follow it, there’s no meaning.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Determine what you want to make.
  2. What is popular in your niche?
  3. Create.

That’s about it. These are only outlines of what you can do. There’s no shortcut to becoming an overnight success.

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