Every YouTuber is Starting Their Newsletter. Here's why.

Every YouTuber is Starting Their Newsletter. Here’s why.

Over the last few years, there has been a general trend where Youtubers are starting their newsletter and chances are you might have seen it too. Emails hold a lot of importance in the digital marketing world. For example, have a look at this statistic:

Email marketing has a 4200% ROI, meaning a $42 return on every $1 spent.

Email is compelling, and more and more people realize that. Here are reasons why YouTubers are starting their newsletter, and maybe you should too.

Diversifying Reach on the Internet

If you are at all familiar with personal finance, you might have heard of this advice to “diversify your income”, and why is that? So that when you lose your job/ source of income, you can keep going; in a way, it provides you more security.

It’s a similar case.

Starting an email newsletter allows the creator to connect with their audience differently and opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

This connection is very direct; it’s almost as if you send someone a private message, which brings me to my next point.

Email Newsletter
Email Newsletter

The Ability to Reach Their Followers Directly

They have an Instagram account, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, so why email, you ask?

It’s because you are just one of the other thousands of people following them on these platforms.

On email, the experience is different.

You receive the newsletter direct to you; it will usually start with “Hello Your Name“, which is already more personal than anything on social media.

That is the beauty of email.

It helps the creator establish a more profound connection while letting the fans have direct contact with them.

An Effective Way to Sell Any Future Products

As I mentioned above, email marketing has an insane ROI (Return on Investment).

Marketing firms and other companies have to spend money on ad campaigns to acquire email addresses.

But for YouTubers, it’s different.

They have already made their investment.


They have invested their time building their audience, they have done the hard work, and now they are taking advantage of it, as they should.

Once you subscribe to their newsletters, you will become a part of their mailing list and receive newsletters.

They will provide you free value, so you stay subscribed, and it will be all worth it when they decide to launch their product.

It could be anything.

It could be a course, a set of Lightroom presets, digital downloads or anything.

When they launch their products, they will immediately reach a significant number of people directly.

Since the creator has provided them free value for so long, many people decide to try their product.

Zero Downside

This seals the deal.

There are just zero downsides to doing it.

They continue sharing content, gain exposure to a new audience, the audience gets more, and everybody is happy.

I don’t know about you, but that is one of the happiest stories I have ever heard.

Jokes aside, there you have it. If you are wondering whether you start a newsletter or not, I would say do it; there’s just no downside to it. Check out our article on how to market your content on social media for more.

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